Slipping Into Goodbye

Down to exactly one month. One month till the past 3 years are over. One month until my classmates and I walk across the poorly carpeted stage to receive the diplomas we’ve worked so hard for. Some of us, at least. In the final weeks, we reminisce on the time we’ve spent with each other. Constantly being asked what my favorite high school memories are, but there are simply too many to count. We all dress up for prom and dance the night away. The next day we wake up realizing that is the last time we will purchase an overly priced dress to wear once for a once in a lifetime high school dance. 

I went to prom every year of high school. Spent hundreds of dollars on dresses, hair, shoes, sticky bras, alterations, the usual. Spent it all for 3 nights. It seems ridiculous and honestly, it was. Especially my freshman year. Prom is this incredibly minuscule event on the big party of life, but in high school, to me, it was everything. It was the one night I got to feel like it was all about me as my hair sat perfectly done and I slipped into a dress as everyone showered me with compliments. Call me conceited, it was awesome. 

It’s high school. All girls want is to be called pretty and prom night is like Halloween but instead of candy, girls get compliments. We dance and sing along to the songs as they blast from speakers taller than us. We judge every single girl’s dress, hair, shoes, and even the way their corsage was put together. Head to toe, we notice. 

I guess I didn’t realize it as I slipped into my dress Saturday night. And I didn’t realize it as I brushed out my heavily teased and hair sprayed up do. I didn’t realize it as I wiped the make up off my sleepy eyes. And I definitely didn’t realize it as my legs were sore from dancing so much.

I realized it today. On a Tuesday, just like any other. I realized that I’m never going to another prom again. I’m never going to another high school dance again. Here pretty soon, I’m never going to another high school class again. Or a high school lunch. Or a high school anything for that matter because here pretty soon, it’s going to be over. It’ll be time to say goodbye to the frigid hallways I’ve laughed and cried in the past three years. It’ll be time to say goodbye to the teachers who taught me many things, some things like teachers can be bad people too. It’ll be time to leave and slip into a different kind of gown. 

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